Monday, November 21, 2005

Hello out there... never take fresh air for granted, especially when taking a breather from the claustrophobic confines of the shaft. Operations are running at break-neck pace, with new tunes in the works. After a bit of polishing, many of these jems will be included on our upcoming full length, which goes into production shortly after the new year. Although this is quite a ways away, it will be in conjuction for an upcoming tour with our pals, the Reddmen. The Reddmen, BTW, made it all the way from the Dakotas to our neck of the mining pit a couple weeks ago. Good shows + good pals = FUN, so many thanks to our Cabana 1 label mates.

Until then, no need to fret, as we will continue to ply our trade on the local circuit with new bass player, Miller. Let's just say he's been a part of the outfit for a while, albeit in a round about way (PQ & MCHS really know how to breed winners, don't they?).

Uh oh, there goes the whistle! Time go get back to work. Until then...

the Underhills


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