Thursday, August 18, 2005

Listen Up, Motherfuck!!

Hola & que pasa...(Hello & what's up for you non-Spanglish speakers)!...

Go visit the "good guys" over at our gracious label, Cabana 1 Records, as they have a brand new online store here. It features a plethora of the U-crew gear (i.e. albums, shirts, stickers, buttons, posters, etc.), as well as stuff from the rest of the talent roster. You won't be disappointed.

As far as shows go, we've had a few since our last communique. Sorry if you missed out, but hey, you've probably been too busy watching TV. Neverheless, the next one is this Saturday, Aug 20th @ Blind Melon's. Yes, it's a local show, and yes, it's in that veritable wastleland of perpetual coolness called PB, but it'll be with our good friends the Wastrels and legendary old farts, D.I. If any of you SD kids get there early enough, tell the doorman, "the Underhills are good, but I'd rather see Chevy Chase doing a fat rail of coke"...a special prize will await your hairy palms.

Have fun!!
the Underhills