Friday, January 21, 2005

Tomorrow A New EP, Today A Name

We are hitting the studio tomorrow to begin recording a few new tunes. We are titling the new Pre-Production session/EP What Went Wrong and hope to have it completed and out shortly...

The song titles are as follows:

1. So Sorry Now
2. Get A Hold On You
3. Now That You're Gone
4. It's Over (Now)
5. Savings Plan

(Two of the songs were written before the band broke-up in 2003 and were geared towards becoming the filler for our follow-up LP on 1-4-5 Records.)

Once completed, we are gonna throw one tune up on our My Space page for listening and one on our PureVolume page as well. So check for those soon...Email us if you are interested in getting a copy of the new stuff, or any of our past releases as well...

For now,

the Underhills

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

the Get Smart EP now available...

OK, the day has finally come. the Underhills Get Smart EP has "non-officially" been released by our good pals over at Cabana 1 Records. The EP release is a specific, and the songs can be purchased individually or collectively for a small savings. The EP, as well as other Underhills releases, can be found here.

In other news, the band is on track to record their new batch of tunes on the 22nd. Five, maybe six, new tracks will make up what will be the bands first recording session in nearly 2 years. The band plans to release these tunes through Cabana 1 Records, and are considering pressing a small run. Either way, the tunes will be available at for purchasing once released.

Stay tuned...

Friday, January 07, 2005


the Underhills have recently reunited and are playing again. The new line-up currently features the following members:

timmyU (Vocals/Guitars)

J Evil (Vocals/Guitar)

Jeff Bronco (Drums)

Ziggy (Bass/Vocals)

Any news and updates will most likely be placed here. You can also find random happenings on our My Space page and listen to our tunes on our PureVolume page.

Currently, the band is preparing to hit the studio on the 22nd and 23rd to record 5-6 new pre-production tracks. These tracks will have no "formal" release, but will be available for listening through PureVolume and individual purchasing through

Thanks for dropping in, updates will come with the news...